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In recent years we've expanded to test clients from all over the world via urine samples sent to us by post.

The test will check the biological frequency spectrums for around 200 different bodily functions including - organs, vitamins and minerals, acidity, hormones, cells and more.

Once completed you will receive an email of your energetic indicated results.


Most clients send samples from the whole family especially if they intend to rent a device, this way everyone can benefit.




How to get started 


- Contact us on to allocate a time slot for your test

- Attain a sample container (usually free from your doctor or chemist)

- Label each sample for accurate personal results


- Send via post using the address sent to your email 


Urine Sample Bottle, bioMedicineuk
Polar1000 bioMedicineuk

For more information on our services and how Bioresonance can help you and your family please get in touch!

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