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Training Courses In Person and Now Online

At BIOmedicineUk, we offer a 3 day Certified training course. We choose to run these in small groups of normally 4, or 5 people.

The course is for those who are interested in bioresonance, whether you wish to become a practitioner yourself, or you simply want to understand the science behind it - everyone is welcome!

You do not need a machine to enter the course. We can provide what you need. However, those with their own device will gain a huge benefit in fully understanding how to get the best from it, as do those planning to buy a device.

Each day begins from our clinic/training centre, at 9am. Tea, Coffee, and Toast can be provided. Snacks too are provided throughout the day. The lunch is three courses at the on-site first class Italian restaurant, which is included in the training cost. Each days ends at 4pm.

TOTAL cost for three days training (includes all course material, workbooks, snacks and drinks , and a three course meal each day): £499 

Hotel accomodation can be recommended on request.



Over the last 2 years we have successfully moved our course online via ZOOM. It is still 3 days running from 9am - 4pm, but from the comfort of your own home. The price is also reduced in cost to £350 per person.

Couples both attending from the same device qualify for a £150 discount. Certificates sent on request after completion.

Contact us now for the next Course!


We very much look forward to you joining us soon into the wonderful world of Bioresonance!

Bioresonance Training Course
Food Provided at Bioresonance Course
Bioresonance Course at bioMedicineuk
Bioresonance Course Certificate
Online Bioresonance Course
Ps10 Rayonex device

For more information on our services and how Bioresonance can help you and your family please get in touch!

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