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Beautiful Nature
William Bennett - bioresonance practitioner at bioMedicineuk

 William Bennett

  • Certified Practitioner of Bioresonance

  • Qualified Biochemist of Cell Salts

  • Certified Naturopath

  • Instructor of Bioresonance APS

  • Official Partner of RAYONEX GmbH

  • Founder of BIOmedicineUK

Bottles of Essential Oil
Bea Bennett - Homeopathic Consultant at bioMedicineuk

 Bee Bennett

  • Homeopathic Consultant

  • Administration Manager 

  • Coordinator of BIOmedicineFR (France)

  • Diploma in Anatomy Physiology 


Will - "A number of years ago my wife (Bee) struggled terribly with eczema. She had coped with this condition from being a child but it had increasingly become more aggressive. We thought we had tried every possible means to reduce her pain and constant discomfort. From acupuncture sessions,  a year long special diet, creams from all over the world. We tried everything anybody recommended over a number of years.  It became so severe that after another bout of being hospitalised the doctors could only offer her chemotherapy.

At this point we came to Bioresonance. This course of bioresonance treatments completely changed her life and allowed us both to get life back on track in good health! As first hand witnesses to the possibilities of bioresonance we know exactly what it is capable of."

Over the past few years we have gained an outstanding reputation for giving first class health care due to our pioneering MEDICALLY CLASSIFIED equipment combined with vast experience and knowledge. We look forward to help you and your families understand your symptoms, to understand your body, and to understand why your body is the way it is. In turn, we harmonise specific blocked frequency spectrums from the body, energising you for better health, giving your body the very best environment to recover. 

For more information on our services and how Bioresonance can help you and your family please get in touch!

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