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Our Services

Welcome to BIOMEDICINEuk. Things have changed around here recently, so whether you're new here or you've known us for years, here's an introduction into the services we provide. 

Full analysis using Polar1000

Full Analysis

1.5hrs - £99

Full body scan and initial consultation. May involve ECG and Allergy test if required.

Treatment sessions using PS10 device

Treatment Plans

1hr - £50 / 2hrs - £70

Tailored treatment sessions based on your initial analysis, or maintenance programs to keep your body balanced

Check-up test at bioMedicineuk

Check-up Test

45min - £50

Check-up treatment sessions are from £90 consisting of 45 mins testing and 1 or 2 hours treatment therafter

6 month rental Device

6 Month Device Rental

from £300pm

Rent a treatment device to use in your own home with monthly treatment plan updates

Urine Sample sending

Urine Sample Analysis


Urine samples tested and indicated energetic disturbances reported back to you

Bioresonance Training Courses

Training Courses

3 days - £350

3 day Live Online Courses to help you better understand your RAYONEX device and use it to the full. .

For more information on our services and how Bioresonance can help you and your family please get in touch!

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